Habu's Words (book)

Habu's Words
HABU'S WORDS by Yoshiharu Habu, translated by Yamato Takahashi and Tony Hosking (128 pages)

First 7 Crowns professional title holder Yoshiharu Habu gives in-depth commentary to shogi games by players outside Japan.

Improve your shogi by listening to Habu's Words!

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About Habu's Words:

In this book Mr Habu's clear and penetrating insight reveals how to think like a professional player. Each game given has been carefully chosen by him to illustrate an important theme of shogi thinking, namely: The games selected are by players (with grades ranging from 15-kyu to 5-dan) from various countries around the world - Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Thailand, USA. By studying Habu's Words the amateur player can step up from one level of play to the next.

Author's note:

"If you read this book and find a new appeal of shogi, or it helps your improvement, this would give me great pleasure as an author." - Yoshiharu Habu